Grand View University FAQ

Is my gift secure?

Absolutely. Gifts made through Grand View’s crowdfunding site utilizes the payment processor Braintree which is PCI Level 1-compliant.

Will my gift to a Grand View be tax-deductible?

Yes, Contributions support specific areas of Grand View University and are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Can I send a gift by mail or phone?

Yes. You can contact the Advancement Office at 515-263-2935 or alumni@grandview.edu

Can I make a gift with stocks or securities?

Yes. Please call 515-263-2935 or email alumni@grandview.edu to receive more information.

Can I make a gift through a donor-advised fund?

Yes, to make a distribution to Grand View University through your donor-advised fund, please contact your financial institution and include your desired area of support. For additional information contact 515-263-2935 or alumni@grandview.edu.

Still have questions?

For additional questions, or to speak with a member of the Grand View Advancement Office contact us at: 515-263-2935 or alumni@grandview.edu.

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